Skittish Eclipse (foxfirefey) wrote in no_lj_ads,
Skittish Eclipse

New affiliate script location

The old affiliate script was at:

This newer one (since the last post) is at:

So, it looks like you should be mostly covered with AdBlock Plus if you use this as your filter:*.js

I personally noticed sometime very recently when I started to have trouble clicking on links and having them work, since I haven't "opted out" at this time and because as a NoScript user, I have LiveJournal Javascript whitelisted, but not I think what happens because of this is that the script hangs looking for the response from, which never comes because NoScript won't allow it.

I imagine the next logical step for LiveJournal and Driving Revenue would be to make a subdomain, such as, to use to point to Driving Revenue's service, instead of using an external domain like
Tags: affiliate links
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