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Hijacking affiliate links 
4th-Mar-2010 02:32 pm - Hijacking affiliate links
Skittish Eclipse
I've been given a heads up that has done some excellent sleuthing and investigation into hijacked LJ affiliate links:

What is LJ doing to my links?
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 2
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 3

Expect this post to be update through the day as I find out more and come up with a good summary.

ETA: No good summary, but I feel like I should say code got taken down, etc etc, business as usual.
22nd-May-2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
so we're not going to continue to use this service.

I'm a little late to the party. I didn't notice this happening in early March, but I recently noticed a lot of weird browser behavior on my friends list[1], with "Contacting outboundlink.net" regularly showing up in my status bar. So it appears LJ has decided to use this service again.

I found several posts suggesting running set opt_exclude_stats 1 through the admin console and that seems to do the trick. But there's no user-friendly way to opt out.

I don't see any note on news or lj_releases announcing that LiveJournal would start rewriting links. I've been a paid user of LiveJournal for 8-ish years because I think it's a great service and I'm happy to support its operation through money rather than having advertising foisted upon me and my journal's readers. Rewriting links to provide revenue feels a lot like advertising and it leads to a degraded user experience with no upside to the user. I feel such a change should at least be accompanied with an announcement and a way for paid users to opt out. Can we get an explanation?
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