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Fueling the resistance
Hijacking affiliate links 
4th-Mar-2010 02:32 pm - Hijacking affiliate links
Skittish Eclipse
I've been given a heads up that has done some excellent sleuthing and investigation into hijacked LJ affiliate links:

What is LJ doing to my links?
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 2
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 3

Expect this post to be update through the day as I find out more and come up with a good summary.

ETA: No good summary, but I feel like I should say code got taken down, etc etc, business as usual.
5th-Mar-2010 06:40 pm (UTC)
i definitely definitely understand about tone. i wasn't thinking of anything other than my own inflection in my head when i wrote it, which was more actually questioning and trying to compare.

i also understand about tos stuff, but my point was more like, if we are going to be getting all morally superior here, it is probably good to understand that we were already in the wrong. there are many things that are unenforced in the world legally speaking in many situations. but that doesn't mean that that it automatically means that whatever we decide the interpretation of that is going to be ok. i am trying hard to make my point here without in any way being taken as sarcastic, but it's like trying to have your cake and eat it too. everyone knows jaywalking is illegal, but everyone does it. when the cop writes you a ticket and you go complain before the judge about it, the judge just says, "look, it is illegal. the application still stands despite the fact that it is rarely enforced." i don't think lj will care about some amazon affil links, or links to download a pdf of your own book, or whatever small scale profit that people might get from their ljs, i think everyone knows that that stuff is really in there to be used against spammers, etc. but my point is to all of the people demanding that livejournal do all of this work to see if they lost profits. livejournal doesn't *owe* them anything, and just because they choose to turn a blind eye to that kind of use, doesn't mean that what those people were doing was in the right to begin with.

i just hate when people don't realize that in thinking they were cheated by a system they actually were technically cheating a system first. two wrongs dont make a right, etc. and often people get so caught up in their being wronged, that they don't realize that there can be a viewpoint that what they were doing was wrong to begin with. not that i wish these people ill or that they lose all their money. i would hope something could be resolved that can make everyone happy. but if not, i wanted to point out a possible legitimate reason why there may be another outcome.

also, in another comment where i was saying the same thing to someone, i put the captcha word into the subject field on accident. it wasnt meant to be abusive, i just was tabbing and typing too fast and hit enter reflexively before i could erase
5th-Mar-2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for understanding about the tone thing. (My previous comment is so full of sad errors from my spacey cold-inflicted head! I even stopped in midsentence there while explaining) I think all I thought about "gashing found" was "What does that even *mean*", ha. Damn the captchas! If only NLJA didn't get enough Google juice or whatever the heck it was that made it so attractive to the spammers.

I can't say I think of it as cheating the system so much as...not actually being entitled to make money from the system, but in most ways I agree--although I think the person you were originally responding to in this thread was only upset on idealogical grounds, if I remember correctly; I don't think they've been posting affiliate links.

If LJ was starting to enforce the policy like that (or had in previous practices been acting closer to that definition--ie, saying that affiliate links are not in line with our TOS in Support Requests about them as opposed to the malware standard issue answer), and said that nobody should post affiliate links at all, then I think your description would be more accurate. In a lot of ways, LJ's rights are the ones it claims for itself when people complain, and given current staff response, replacing affiliate IDs with LJ's isn't one of them.
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