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Hijacking affiliate links 
4th-Mar-2010 02:32 pm - Hijacking affiliate links
Skittish Eclipse
I've been given a heads up that has done some excellent sleuthing and investigation into hijacked LJ affiliate links:

What is LJ doing to my links?
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 2
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 3

Expect this post to be update through the day as I find out more and come up with a good summary.

ETA: No good summary, but I feel like I should say code got taken down, etc etc, business as usual.
5th-Mar-2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
Well, the terms of service say they don't have to support such practices without prior permission from Livejournal: "You agree to NOT use the Service to:
16.Engage in commercial activities within LiveJournal or on behalf of LiveJournal without prior approval. This includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:
a.Displaying a banner that is designed to profit you or any other business or organization; and
b.Displaying banners for services that provide cash or cash-equivalent prizes to users in exchange for hyperlinks to their web sites." That sneaky bit of "includes, but is not limited to" means they can interpret it to mean affiliate linking as well. Not saying their behavior was wise or fair, but the TOS is written to cover their butts when errors happen.
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