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New page takeover ad type confirmed; ad FAQ consolidation; LiveJournal partners with AdNectar

marta (who I am ever grateful for) has confirmed that the Best Buy ad is an approved LiveJournal ad; however, there has been a change in the ad's presentation, in that it no longer automatically plays audio.

Additionally, Frequently Asked Question #265: What are LiveJournal's guidelines on acceptable ads? has been modified, as the Best Buy ad trips over some of the guidelines against rich media ads that interfere with a user's ability to use LiveJournal, video playing without a user trigger, and aggressive ads. There are also no longer any instructions on what to do or who to contact about possibly misbehaving ads.

Everything besides the "Advertising Guidelines" section has been removed.

What are LiveJournal's guidelines on acceptable ads?

LiveJournal, together with our partners and our advertisers, is committed to upholding and maintaining the trusted relationship we have with our users. We strongly believe that we can work to create innovative ways to bring a relevant and useful advertising experience to LiveJournal. As LiveJournal continues to develop the advertising-supported Plus account level, we are committed to following the following Advertising Guidelines. These guidelines are subject to modification and will be distributed to both LiveJournal users, advertisers and sponsors.

Advertising Guidelines

  • LiveJournal will not accept advertising from any company that we feel misleads or harms our users. The contents of all run-of-site advertising also should be appropriate for viewing by persons of all ages.

  • LiveJournal will refuse advertising that we feel is factually inaccurate or inconsistent with LiveJournal's image or values.

  • LiveJournal will not accept advertising that contains or links to other sites that contain offensive language, images, or other content, including content that we feel maligns, ridicules, or could offend an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability.

  • LiveJournal will not permit the placement of advertising for illegal products, or for online gambling, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, tobacco, anti-law enforcement products, or items relating to illegal drugs, adult services or pornography.

  • We reserve the right to exercise our editorial discretion concerning the acceptability of any advertisement on LiveJournal.

  • Advertisements running on LiveJournal are not endorsements of any products or services, and we will not accept any advertising that implies or expresses LiveJournal's endorsement of a product or service.

Specifications and Additional Guidelines

  • The 728x90, 160x600 and 300x250 ads should be under 30kb, but must not be larger than 36kb in file size.

  • The 160x90 ads should be under 15kb but must not be larger than 20kb in file size.

  • Simple rich media (HTML, .gif, .jpg, etc.) creative formats are permitted if we determine that they perform acceptably within the LiveJournal site.

    • HTML formatting code (table tags, image tags, fonts, etc.)
    • Forms (text boxes, drop down menus, radio buttons, etc.)
    • Image Maps
    • JavaScript (as used in some limited cases)

  • Advanced rich media (Flash, Shockwave, etc) creative formats are permitted on a case-by-case basis if we determine they conform strictly to LiveJournal ad guidelines and quality assurance standards. Default .gif graphics should be provided for these instances.

    • JavaScript (as used in most cases)
    • Streaming media
    • Java Applets
    • Active X
    • Dynamic HTML, iframes or ilayers within the creative
    • Flash or Shockwave (when third-party served)
    • Dynamic effects when generated by a third-party vendor (Ex: Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, Unicast, Pointroll, etc.). Only pre-approved and tested third party vendors are permitted.

  • Interactive ads must indicate what actions will initiate interactivity (eg, "rollover to see expand", "play the game", etc).

  • The entire ad can not be "live" such that a user would not be aware that rolling over the ad will initiate interactive or rich media elements.

  • Additionally, ads with rich media or interactive elements must either close when moved off of or contain visible "close" or "stop" capabilities for the user.

  • Audio or video events must be triggered by user-initiated behavior within the ad unit.

  • Rich media ads should not negatively impact or interfere with a user's ability to use the LiveJournal application or services.

  • Ad creatives may not use fake search boxes, error messages or fake application functionality messages.

  • Ad creatives that we determine are visually or otherwise aggressive (such as blinking, rapid animation, etc.) will not be accepted.

  • Ad creatives cannot automatically launch new browser windows when served. No pop-ups are allowed.

  • Non-rich media ads need to launch in a new window when clicked on, but cannot launch multiple browser windows upon click.

  • Ad creatives cannot close the LiveJournal window when clicked on.

  • Up to 50 characters of alternate text are permitted.

  • Ads that spawn new ads or any type of "spyware" are strictly prohibited.

  • Ad creatives may not mimic the look and feel of LiveJournal navigation or LiveJournal user content.

  • Third party serving of advertising is permitted by LiveJournal approved vendors only.

  • LiveJournal reserves the right to reject or remove any ad creative or ad campaign at its sole discretion.

Additional restrictions may apply for individual ad products. LiveJournal reserves the right to change these guidelines from time to time without prior or advance notice by posting such changes online to these policies on acceptable advertising.

In most cases, LiveJournal serves ads within iFrames to maintain the integrity of both the site's and ads' contents. In some circumstances, LiveJournal will serve ads outside of an iFrame if we determine that another type of implementation is a better way to meet the needs of our users and advertisers and maintain the security of the site.

If you have any questions about these policies, would like to report an advertisement that doesn't meet these guidelines, or would like to speak with someone about advertising on LiveJournal, you can contact the LiveJournal advertising team by emailing If you are reporting an unacceptable ad, please include as much detail as possible, such when and where the ad appeared, and a link to a screenshot if possible.

Last Updated:
June 17th, 2009 (teshiron)

The tirelessly FAQ dedicated jai_dit is talking about consolidating and organizing ad FAQs.

In other news, LiveJournal is also partnering with AdNectar to provide sponsored vgifts. My guess is that these will only be able to be given to mutual friends. Considering previous sponsored gift fiascos, it might also be wise to limit the number an individual may send. Sponsored virtual gifts are also a way to make some advertising revenue off of paid users who allow branded vgifts. These sponsored vgifts can include creatives like embedded movie trailers.

"On LiveJournal, which has over 700,000 different communities, users will choose from different themed virtual gifts created by AdNectar. For example, the thousands of bloggers discussing “Twilight” could send each other vampire themed gifts with embedded movie trailers from an upcoming horror film.

“Sending virtual goods is now mainstream, so adding branded ones from AdNectar was natural. It provides more choice and relevant experiences for our users,” said Anjelika Petrochenko , Business Development Director, LiveJournal." --

"...LiveJournal is a major social hub for fans of female-oriented media sensations like the Twilight novels and films." --

You can change your VGift settings on the manage profile page. You can disable all vgifts, or disable only sponsored vgifts. You can also change your vgift notifications settings to not receive notifications of when your friends receive vgifts.
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