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Something this way comes

Vox had this implemented earlier this month. (See also: Snap partners with Six Apart to bring Snap Shots to all of bloggers.) has had it for a long while too. Now, it has reached LJ. Why?

A recent post to the blog, Imagine Snap Shares, talks of future ads and revenue sharing with sites that implement their Snap Shots, basically becoming a fancy version of IntelliTXT for links. Here is a promotional brochure on it. Hopefully there will be some way to turn the ad portion off for paid users.

As it currently stands, does seem to get rather...pushy about the "Suggested Searches".

These examples were taken from preexisting entries in my LJ, so they would represent fairly normal usage and not searching for bad cases.

While some of the related searches are obliquely related to the subject matter at hand, they're not exactly needed, either. However, at least does have some limit to what it will put up as related searches--an entirely unnotable and useless site, like my homepage, only shows a search box:

Fortunately, having for the links on your journal is currently an opt in for existing users. New users, New Basic and Plus users, however, have it enabled by default, so keep that in mind when creating new accounts.

In order to opt out entirely across all journals, you have to let set a cookie. But you can also use NoScript or Adblock Plus to make sure never has the chance to load on any site.
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