Skittish Eclipse (foxfirefey) wrote in no_lj_ads,
Skittish Eclipse


Trouble from news' announcement of sponsored v-gifts have already resulted in some positive changes--users you banned won't be able to send vgifts to you anymore. Anger at ads forcing improvement to a harassment security hole? I like.

It was pretty obvious that free v-gifts would be used to spam and harass others, since there was no way to protect yourself; now official communities are bearing that preventable mark. (Not very good for the brand in question's image, as well.) Because being notified of your friends receiving v-gifts is an ESN notification, a lot of people woke up to hundreds of notifications from people sending Pepsi MAX v-gifts. (I half wonder if this caused the notification delays.)

As a result, v-gifts will be able to be opted out of and paid/perm users will be able to opt out of sponsored v-gifts. (No dogpiling/zerg rushing, please.)
Tags: sponsored virtual gifts

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