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No LJ Ads on the Web

Main Site
Latest Activity
No LJ Ads's Website
No LJ Ads's Wiki

Our Guides and Tools

Switching Back to Basic
Escaping Ad Server Targeting
Blocking Flash Ads
Hiding LJ Ads
Hiding the Navigation Strip
Hiding the CProds Modules
Hiding the CProds from the Navigation Strip
LJ Light Links Script
LJ User Info Hands Script

Our Reviews of LiveJournal Alternatives

Migration to Movable Type
Review of Blogger

Other Notable Posts

Post O' Bitchery
Comparison Chart of All Accounts Benefits
Screencaps of All Layouts With and Without Ads
Banners and Icons


Nifty View of ChangeLog 1
Nifty View of RT Bugs 1
List of Official LJ Communities

Notable LJ Pages

Personal Accounts:


FAQ#263 on Plus Accounts benefits
FAQ#262 on Switching Back to Basic
FAQ#266 on Ad Targeting
FAQ#267 on Ad Categories and Feedback
Guidelines on Acceptable Ads

Notable LJ Files

Note (*): The CVS files are now obsolete. The vCVS and SVN files are up-to-date.

Files Related to Ads

ad_base.css [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]
Ad Settings page for Personal Accounts [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]
Ad Settings page for Communities [vCVS]
Manage Payments page [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*] (Switching Back to Basic)
Account Status page for Communities [vCVS] (Switching Back to Basic)
Ad Configuration [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*] (Ad Categories, Blocked Interests, Ad Mapping, Ad Types) functions [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*] (Ad Types in Layouts)
S2 Base [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*] (Ad Placement)
S2 Layer Viewer 1 (S2 Plus Layouts)
Web Library [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*] (Data Collected for Ad-Targeting)
AdEngine [vCVS]

Files Related to Sponsored Communities

Front Page (text) [vCVS]
Front Page [vCVS]

Files Related to CProd Modules

CProd Modules (livejournal) [vCVS]
CProd Modules (ljcom) [vCVS]
cprod.css [vCVS]

Files Related to the Navigation Strip

controlstrip.css (livejournal) [vCVS]
controlstrip.css (ljcom) [vCVS]

Legal Documents

The Social Contract
Guiding Principles [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]
Privacy Policy [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]
Terms of Service [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]

Style System Files

S1 Style Browser (Live)
S1 Views [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]
S2 Public Layers Browser (Live)
S2 Layers (livejournal) [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]
S2 Layers (ljcom) [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]
S2 Perl [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]

Other Files Deadphrases Data File [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*] English Text Data File [vCVS] [SVN] [CVS*]

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