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LJ has changed hands, new CEO & vision?

Under Ex-Googler CEO, LiveJournal Gets A Revamp, Promises New Services, Apps And More In 2014 | TechCrunch

Specific line of interest here:
Though the company wouldn’t speak to its revenue specifics, it would say that currently half of revenues come from user payments related to promotion of posts and premium features. LiveJournal also runs some advertising, but this is not its core focus.
(emphasis mine there obvs).

Reading her comments, she appears to both know what she's talking about and have a plan that, almost, makes sense, and is certainly better than the half baked ideas we've had from the previous couple of owners. Rambler&Co are, from what I can tell, Russian, but they're not SUP. I had completely missed the change of ownership, anyone know any details?

PSA: malware in LJ's ads

I reported the issue to LJ support four days ago, and got a non-helpful answer then and have been seeing other similar reports pile up in the support forum since.

Public Service Announcement: beware of the advertising currently on Livejournal.

It can spontaneously redirect you to suspicious external websites. It's happened to me when I was logged out of my paid account.
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Changes are coming

Over in ruljautonews we have a translation of igrick's latest entry where he details some upcoming changes to advertising on LJ. Specifically, a modified form of the self-promo block that's already available on the Cyrillic homepage will be made available to all journal owners, with all proceeds from that block going to the journal owner. And buried in the comments, Ilya confirms that Paid & Permanent accounts will see this ad, and that the ToS will be modified to reflect this.
This is a part of a larger scheme to increase ways for users to monetize their journal. Other announced changes are ways to pay or get paid for reposts, a paid feature to have entries float to the top of a friends' page, and the ability to cash-out earned tokens into rubles or dollars.
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My Ghostery add-on is telling me that LiveJournal is now using a tracker from some site called AdRiver. The information Ghostery give me about it (their page on it is here: ) tells me it's a Russian ad servicing and analytics community.

Currently AdRiver is showing up on some pages I view but not others, and I have not yet detected a reliable pattern. I have also not been able to find an appropriate changelog entry to get a peek at the code.

While I'm seeing this, I'm logged into a permanent account and also did the admin console tracker opt-out many years ago (that in turn led to being opted out of the Driving Revenue stuff without any documentation to that effect for those of you who remember that troubleshooting process). I'm using both Ghostery and AdBlockPlus when I view LiveJournal and do not have Flash installed.

This seemed like an appropriate community to use to gather more information and try to figure out the actual tracking pattern and intent. I apologize if this is off-topic and would appreciate re-direction to a more suitable community.

Driving Revenue still directing links to the wrong places

jfs has discovered links that end up entirely where they're not supposed to be:

Clicking on them in Camino, with all JavaScript enabled, opens up a new window (instead of going to the link in the window I clicked in, despite NO new window target being specified in the HTML) to a different site entirely:

Where the atid is 011076001001006000000000005009, for anybody who wants to keep track.

This is probably due to the affiliate linking script, as it only happens when I have the script enabled; if so, it means that Driving Revenue's new implementation still has problems making links only go to their appropriate sites, except this time because the redirection is entirely dependent on their server's response instead of defined in the code, no debugging can be done on the script itself to determine what links will go where. It could be another case of whack-a-mole, just like with malware on ads, except this time even paid journals can't escape it.

ETA: marta has informed me that our hard working ops team has disabled Driving Revenue at this time!

ETA the second: Back now, for the curious.

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New affiliate script location

The old affiliate script was at:

This newer one (since the last post) is at:

So, it looks like you should be mostly covered with AdBlock Plus if you use this as your filter:*.js

I personally noticed sometime very recently when I started to have trouble clicking on links and having them work, since I haven't "opted out" at this time and because as a NoScript user, I have LiveJournal Javascript whitelisted, but not I think what happens because of this is that the script hangs looking for the response from, which never comes because NoScript won't allow it.

I imagine the next logical step for LiveJournal and Driving Revenue would be to make a subdomain, such as, to use to point to Driving Revenue's service, instead of using an external domain like

Driving Revenue: back in the affiliate saddle?

There's a comment in the current news post pointing out a new Driving Revenue script. You may remember the previous, flawed implementation.

The script is:

The script is now:

You can prettify it up for viewing and examination using:

I've not yet found (nor made) any analysis of the code therein, but the script does show up on all non-SSL LiveJournal pages for my permanent account, so whatever it does affects paid journals and the viewers thereof, not just Plus/Basic accounts.

Reference posts: one post by shatterstripes, two by xlerb.

Also, this script still follows an optout that you can use in the console (NOTE I AM A DITZ AND ORIGINALLY MIXED THIS UP):

set opt_exclude_stats 1

You can see a response from dwnewhall here:
The driving revenue script is designed to add our affiliate ID to any outbound link that doesn't have one. This should not affect anyone, and is a transparent process. The last time we tried this the process did not have enough testing. We believe it's been thoroughly tested and works correctly now. If it's causing some sort of a problem, please open a support ticket so we can notify our engineers.

Partnership with BigPoint Games

The awesome [personal profile] charmian has alerted me to an upcoming LJ development where LJ is teaming up with BigPoint as a media partner to promote their games to LJ users.

This makes LJ money by a cut in the sales of virtual goods within the games, as well as the ability to "market the page impressions of ... users in games" by which I assume means showing ads in-game (it is, at this time, unknown whether paid LJ users using these games will get an advertising exemption).

You can probably expect the new games page to be a part of the new LJ Extras menu, and given the potentially lucrative nature of the venture, possibly promoted on the home page and becoming part of the house banner ad rotation.
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Hijacking affiliate links

I've been given a heads up that has done some excellent sleuthing and investigation into hijacked LJ affiliate links:

What is LJ doing to my links?
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 2
What is LJ doing to my links? Part 3

Expect this post to be update through the day as I find out more and come up with a good summary.

ETA: No good summary, but I feel like I should say code got taken down, etc etc, business as usual.